Live Fully with a Cognitive Impairment

Dementia Compass

Activities and support focussed on abilities over disabilities so you and your family can live life fully with a dementia diagnosis.

About Us

You’re Made of More, We Are Too.

Our Vision

We want to eliminate the impact of Alzheimer’s and other dementia on individuals with a diagnosis… and their families.

Our Mission

We build and provide resources that reduce the impact of dementia and help people stay connected with who and what matters.

Our Goals

We Exist so You Can:

  • Reduce Symptoms and Cognitive Overload by providing individuals with sustainable non-traditional learning and respite.
  • (Re)connect with Identity and Purpose by building opportunities to engage with work, play and what matters.
  • Develop Partnerships with Allied Organisations to encourage sustainable engagement and connectivity between community services.
  • Build Resources That Reduce Compassion Fatigue and Carer Burden keeping families connected and creating care systems that lighten the load and connect with more preventative services to mitigate the impact of care.
  • Improve Links to Health Care and Access to Future Treatments extending resources to physical and emotional health to reduce frailty and crisis, so families are healthy enough for future treatment and cures.
  • Support Family Care Partners to Maintain Employment reducing unwanted work breaks, unemployment and early retirement with affordable and sustainable resources.
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Our Values

Purpose Built

We build resources to compensate for change and impairment so that we can all continue to grow and develop regardless of our cognitive ability. Our programmes complement existing care and activities, providing sustainable resources that extend quality of life in the years following a diagnosis.


We know that choice extends quality of life and can help rebuild identity, especially when our choices reconnect us with family and community. Everyone should have the right to choose how to navigate their diagnosis, care and support. We believe that choice empowers all of us and can reduce the stigma and financial burden that can cripple families.


We believe that hope is a human right that cannot be taken away. We believe in a future cure or treatment but we need to live fully while we wait. And we know the best way to navigate a dementia diagnosis is to remain strong and healthy to reduce symptoms and be eligible for any cure or treatment.


We are strongest when we can laugh. We know dementia is no picnic and that the families who can maintain their sense of humour live their best life for the longest. We design programmes that welcome laughter and a knowing wink because humour builds trust and resilience. We work with real emotions and respect all of them.

Our Story So Far


Edye Hoffmann, founder of Dementia Compass, meets her mother-in-law with young-onset Alzheimer’s disease and becomes a primary care partner. She continues to support for her mother-in-law for seven years.

2002 – 2009

Edye runs various community and care programmes, and volunteers with the local dementia support groups. She completes her PGCert in Dementia Studies at the University of Bradford, building on her community organising background and social anthropology training.


Dementia Compass is born, drawing on 8 years of experience. It starts with a community choir for individuals with dementia, their care partners and volunteers, then expands to additional choirs.

Responding to participant needs and gaps in services, new evidence-informed programmes are developed including, exercise, care support and advocacy


Dementia Compass partners with the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge to deliver multi-week courses with expert talks and art making. These extend into additional museum courses, an on-going alumni programme to continue social inclusion and learning.

Edye works with the University of Cambridge's public health institute and hospitals with research and training.


Dementia Compass adapts the museum programmes in response to the pandemic with online meetings and art making.

Our Ambition

Now, in 2021, Dementia Compass looks ahead as a social venture, moving from strength to strength. Grounded in our success with sustainable resource building, we aim to fill the supportive services gap in the years between diagnosis and 24/7 care.

We're doing this by creating more sustainable and accessible resources that reduce the cognitive, physical, emotional, financial and care burden experienced unnecessarily by multiple generations of family and friends affected by a dementia diagnosis.

We continue to build sustainable relationships with families, offering them a proverbial compass to navigate an unknown path often darkened by isolation, stigma and negative experiences

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How to get in touch with us.

  • Mailing Address
  • Dementia Compass Ltd
  • 23 Marvell Green
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  • Cambridgeshire
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