Live Fully with a Cognitive Impairment

Dementia Compass

Activities and support focussed on abilities over disabilities so you and your family can live life fully with a dementia diagnosis.

Portals to the World Museum Program Image Collage

Portals to the World Museum Program

Portals to the World is a learning and engagement programme based at the University of Cambridge museums. The programme consists of multi-week courses and an alumni club designed to engage with both individuals with a dementia living in the community and their care partners. Each of the museums offers its own programme using museum-centred resources.

Each session we enjoy a short talk by a member of the museum’s staff of specialists, followed by a hands-on experience, either handling related objects or a practical activity.

These are group meetings with a focus on the participants’ abilities. They are especially designed for people living with dementia at home, both the individual with a diagnosis and his or her care partner.

Following each course, participants are invited to join the Portals to the World Alumni group and attend regularly programmed sessions within the museum system.

Images: Alice Boagey © Alice the Camera 2015

Illustration of a Choir Group Singing


Families Navigating a Cognitive Impairment

We believe that support starts with the person with the diagnosis and their care partners, important people like spouses, life partners, daughters, sons, and friends.


Years of Supporting Cognitive Abiliity

We started with a choir in 2010 and have built from there believing that what you do after a diagnosis matters.


Cups of Tea and Coffee

We know that connecting with people is one of the best ways to support who we are, even with dementia.

What We Do

We are a Cambridgeshire-based non-profit organisation supporting individuals with cognitive impairment and their families to live fully at home in the community.


All of our activities are designed to focus on abilities. We work with how the brain is compensating for any impairment. This creates a positive and constructive environment. So we can highlight the strengths of our participants.

Social Engagement

We offer a strong social component to our activities. So there’s plenty of time to get to know others, share resources and have a good time.

Peer-to-peer recommendations can be the best and we want to give you opportunities to connect and re-connect with others seeking similar resources and experiences.

Cognitive Stimulation

We know that the opportunities for engagement with art, music and learning are still valuable and very important for individuals living with a cognitive impairment, both the person diagnosed and his or her care partner. We work to highlight these strengths to make the most of our meetings.

Care Support

No one should have to navigate a cognitive impairment alone. We offer resources to families so you too can focus on constructive and positive tips and skills to live fully at home but also to plan so you’re prepared for challenges and prevent crises.

On-line Resources

In addition to community resources, our participants have access to on-line resources that be can used by any family member near or far so they can best support and be supported.

Non-traditional Respite

We work to offer non-traditional respite, a space away from any dementia symptoms so families and friends can enjoy time together building new relationships and memories together.

Dementia touches all of us.

What we do with that is up to us.

Interested in joining us? Looking for resources? We’re here.

Whether you’re living with a cognitive impairment or supporting someone who is, no one should do this alone. If you’re looking for supportive resources and a positive, constructive community, get in touch with us. We’re happy to help and look forward to meeting you.

You can reach us on 07876 350 638 or use the contact form below.